New York 2017  Photo: Aníbal Mestre



Proud mom and wife.

 My husband says that I am “a woman from the arts" and for me, that is the best definition of what I am and what I enjoy to do. My daughters say “We want to be around the arts like my mom” and that is the only compliment I need to reaffirm that I am in the right job: projects related to the arts.

 Where I come from.

As a LEO person born in August, I am very territorial -the different spaces I am involved with, help to define me-. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in the Venezuelan Andes (Mérida City), where I grew up around rivers and streams. I am the daughter of a young couple, a pediatrician surgeon and an expert in multi sensory impairments dedicated their whole lives to the public health and education. I am also part of a large family of interesting, opinionated and strong women. Caracas is my nest of radiant blue, of contradictions and passions, where I have spent most of my life. I was influenced since my early ages by my godmother who owned the first contemporary art gallery in Caracas, by being touched by eclectic artists, white silent walls that changed image every two months with new magic and her unique conceptual view of the world. I backpacked on my own around the U.S. and South America as a teenager with a compact disc and a notebook, thinking and writing about the essence of existence -I felt so independent and mature as a rotten mango, but my back promised never backpack again and I promise never to travel alone again-. I was also influenced by my two grandfathers, one a prominent lawyer and poet and the other a very visionary politician that lived his last years in an unfair “house for jail” status, with whom I used to have a strong connection and long talks about our country´s future. Following them, I studied Law and International Studies before deciding to fully dedicate to acting and the arts. I used to be extremely shy, which made me take some drama lessons and opened me the door to a new path, taking me to UK and Colombia. London is where I took out my skin, trained as an actress and learned respect for the theater. Bogotá is the city of great friends artists and revelations. Being an actress trains me to always seek the bottom of things and understand the facts without deceiving myself, so I was finally in the place where I belong, where everyone is intense, not only me.

As an artist.

I am a theater actress, director and producer with a 15-year trajectory. As a part of growing as an artist, I went through a kirsch phase of making soap operas, which taught me how to perform melodrama enough to quit and go back to my artistic path. Lately, I fell in love with cinema and would love to explore this art form more and more. I am the author of the books “Andares y Benatares”, “Prohibido Botar Basura”, “Exit”, and I am currently serving as a writer for Viceversa Magazine in NYC. I can not marry just with one discipline of the dramatic arts, I can not contain my impulses to sometimes dedicate more solitude time to writing, other intimate moments that I am more into acting, sharp times when I need to produce, or even revelation insights when compose and sing; so I can define myself as a global performing artist.

As an art collector.

I am the founder and director of the Kogan-Troconis Collection in the U.S., an entity promoting the work of Latin American artists, such as Miguel Prypchan, Daniel Samper, Marcia Gronstein, Macaparaná, Federico Uribe, Jorge Zeno, Pato Gil Villalobos and Anibal Mestre (2010-2017). I had the great experience of directing the art auction “Caracas 444, Santiago El León Con-Sentido” (Santiago, the Pampered Lion) of 44 lions intervened by 44 recognized visual artists, to celebrate the 444th year of foundation of Caracas, promoted by the Metropolitan Municipality in Topotepuy. The funds were dedicated to buy a headquarter for SOCIEVEN (Caracas, 2011). In this capacity, since very young I was an art Promoter at Sala Alternativa Art Gallery, in charge of new artists, media content, digital platform and art inventory (Caracas, 1994-2000, 2004-2006). Also I performed as an Art Promoter of different stands in International Art Fairs: AYITI (ArtBasel and ArtMiami 2015 with Cristopher Pascall Gallery and Miami Mountains Foundation), Miguel Prypchan and Daniel Samper Tour (ArtBo and ArtBasel 2013 with Troconis-Neri Art), Carlos Cruz-Diez Opening Night (Bogotá, 2011 with La Cometa Art Gallery), Miguel Prypchan Showroom (ArtBo Bogotá, 2010 with Magdalena Arria Art Gallery), 5 Sense In Action (FIA íbero American Art Fair, Caracas 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).

As a social entrepreneur and humanitarian activist.

To help is an intrinsic part of my personality, it is a tough goal but it worths it. I am the founder and president of the Lovely Little Einsteins Preschool in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a foundation dedicated to early childhood education; also have been the designer of its LOVELY Learning Methodology, inspired in Project Zero-Harvard University (2015-2017). My country’s reality have obligated me to advocate for human rights in Venezuela and worldwide, focused on advocacy with US leaders, promoting fair actions and policies in favor of global democracy and a world with freedom of the press (2016-2017). As an activist and collaborator of the Jewish Community, I also advocate for respect for the Jewish people, fight against anti semitism and other types of xenophobia (2010-2017). I was the founder and CEO of Tactus-Pro, a cultural avant-garde production company in Caracas (2006- 2010). I am currently a member of the Board of Directors of SOCIEVEN, a non profit foundation dedicated to the deafblind people of Venezuela founded by my mother; and an Ambassador of Life for the Deafblindness (2004-2017). Inspired by translations that I used to make to my mother about Sensory Integration, I proposed her the creation of “5 Senses In Action”: a sensory program with social impact consisting of experiential activities between deafblind people and artists (visual artists, musicians, designers, singers, actors, stylist and more) executing their art through the touch, smell and taste of the deafblind guest and the eyes and ears of the artist, changing both groups’ perspectives on how to communicate. Every activity was photographed, recordedand exposed by Media, which also changed the way venezuelan community approaches this condition through understanding the deafblind person in a positive and proactive way. The slogan became “Deafblindness is not a disability, it is a condition”. Getting more involved with the needs of the deafblind community, I rapidly became an advisor and CFO of SOCIEVEN. In this role, I was in charge of designing and executing the restructuring from a local school to a nationwide training in deafblindness organization; and of directing the “Making Deafblindness Visible” and “Five Senses in Action" campaigns that helped diagnosed 628 new cases of deafblind people in Venezuela (Caracas, 2004-2009).

My purpose in life.

I have always had a strong desire to find my purpose in life, which I recently fulfilled in the Judaic tradition while holding hands with my husband and girls. We are currently established between New York and Puerto Rico, the two islands that dazzle me with love, family and constant growth. My husband and I enjoy and share a true passion for politics, which spurred my decision to pursue a Political Science degree during my first years of maternity, to keep my mind in constant challenge. As a family, we are a very enthusiastic and active couple willing to practice more yoga and the arts, to be our best selves for our children and the world -as pinky as it sounds, we are idealists-. Venezuela is my home, my roots, my people, my vast plain, my sunset, the country that formed me with a noble heart and the one that I want to give back by helping those who have not had as many opportunities as I have.