New York, 2017 Photo: Aníbal Mestre

Anabella Troconis is a Venezuelan actress and writer living between New York and Puerto Rico. She led theater productions in her native country (founder of Tactus Pro, an independent production house). Anabella has been deeply involved in social projects since early in her career, creating and directing several educational programs through the arts as “5 Senses In Action” (SOCIEVEN Foundation at Caracas) and “LOVELY Methodology of Learning” (Lovely Little Einsteins Preschool Foundation at San Juan PR). Since 2016, Anabella has also being a passionate advocate for her country’s lack of democracy both in front of the Puerto Rico and US Congress, to promote global awareness and change. As an actress, Anabella took an absence to dedicate herself to motherhood since 2012. During this period she explored in song writing, singing and became a supporter for women with vitiligo, fibromyalgia and Asperger. As a hobby, Anabella collects art from Latin-American living artists and helps promote some of them in USA. In 2019, she is re-launching her career with different artistic projects and an on-line shop that will integrate all of her learnings and passions.


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