My purpose in life

I have always had a strong desire to find my purpose in life, which I recently fulfilled in the Judaic tradition while holding hands with my husband and girls. We are currently established between New York and Puerto Rico, the two islands that dazzle me with love, family and constant growth. My husband and I enjoy and share a true passion for politics, which spurred my decision to pursue a Political Science degree during my first years of maternity, to keep my mind in constant challenge. As a family, we are a very enthusiastic and active couple willing to practice more yoga and the arts, to be our best selves for our children and the world -as pinky as it sounds, we are idealists-. Venezuela is my home, my roots, my people, my vast plain, my sunset, the country that formed me with a noble heart and the one that I want to give back by helping those who have not had as many opportunities as I have.